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Easily and quickly create shareable reports with charts and tables by running SQL queries directly to your database. It takes 1 minute to get started.

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Get started fast
Just connect to your database and start querying, set up everything in 1 minute.
Protect your data
Jaime works on your computer and all conections to the database are made locally, our servers never hit your database
Share with your team
Get a shareable link for a dashboard and let your team see all the insights.

Most Popular
Database Engines

Jaime supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Big Query out of the box. Download and start querying!

ProductEngineering  and Business. All trust Jaime to quickly gather insight and make decisions.

I have to thank Jaime for making my team data-driven. Because it is so quick and easy to use, everyone is constantly gathering data and making smart decisions. We LOVE it.

Michael Mota / CEO @ MiPagina

Thanks to Jaime I can mesure the impact new developments have on the product and share it with my entire team. Everyone is happy.

Luis del Giudice / Senior software engineer @ Knack

I love Jaime simply because I can talk to a new client and immediately start querying their database, it's so fast.

Jonathan Sierra / Growth Consultant

Free forever

You can use Jaime free forever or upgrade for access to premium features for only $50/year.

Unlimited data sources
Unlimited queries
1 dashboard
Unlimited data sources
Unlimited queries
Unlimited dashboards
Ability to share with others

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